Friday, July 19, 2013

Repurposing Soap Boxes

So how many of you use soap bars?  And how many of you love the smell of soap?  Well I do! 

What do you do with the empty soap box after you opened a bar of soap?  Throw it away?  Put it in the recycling bin?  

There are so many places that these empty small soap boxes can work their magic.  Let's explore!

1.  In the laundry basket

The box from the bar of soap will still smell great after a while even without the soap in it.  So I put them in the laundry baskets.  It leaves the basket smelling MUCH better than stinky socks!

Just replace it with a new box when you open another bar of soap.  

Warning: do NOT wash the box with your laundry. HAHAHA

2.  In the trash can

We have a pretty big trash can that holds quite a bit of trash before it needs to be emptied.  So I put an empty soap box under the trash bag (box is flattened of course).

It will at least keep it smelling pretty nice till I have to empty my trash can.  

Tip:  You can also tape it inside the trash can lid so every time you open the trash can, the soap smell comes out.  

Warning:  Your trash can might smell too good you find yourself sniffing your trash all night! LOL

3.  In the Closet

We have an older home, so the whole house, especially the closets, smell like old wood.  So I put the empty soap boxes in the closet.

I put one in underwear drawers, one or more in the shoe section.  Really, the possibilities are endless.

I ESPECIALLY put them in the Vacuum closet.  That closet is also our coat closet, so I really don't want my coats smelling like..... well..... vacuum dust.

4.  Linen Closet

I wish that after washing my sheets and such, the linen closet remains smelling like soap and water, but it doesn't.  So I put the empty soap boxes there to make it smell like clean linen all the time! woohoo!

Alright, you get where I am going with this.  Basically, you can put the empty soap boxes anywhere that can use a little "Soap & Water" smell but won't be seen (coz that will seem a little weird to outsiders, right?). 

For places that do not have a shelf for the boxes, you can either use push pin to pin on the wall, or tape it.  

*You can also put them in your car, maybe in the glove box or the trunk.  It provides a good smell without being pungent* 

Thanks for reading this and if you use these boxes for other purposes, let me know!! 


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  2. That is a great idea. I sometimes use tea bags from the "nobody is drinking this tea anyway" stash, but this is another thing to try.

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