Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Upcycled Military Uniform Overnight Bag

My friend gave me a bunch of her old BDU's, so i decided i would make something out of them, i made a gun case, now i tackled a bag.

The finished product

Using a shirt, cut out the back piece, the arms, and the front two pieces, measured and made sure i could put the pieces together to form two pieces of fabric, a front and a back.  i also used the bottom seam of the shirt as the top seam of my bag so i didnt have worry about the seam.  i also cut out all the pockets and found spaces for them and sewed them onto the front and back pieces.

after all that, i sewed the front and back together.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Upcycled Military Uniform Gun Case

I have recently picked up gun shooting, but we don't have any case for our rifle or shotgun, so i decided to use those old BDU's my friend gave me to make cases for them.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Upcycled Levi's Denim Dog Shirt

I used an old Levi's shirt to make a shirt for my dog! LOL

Valentine's Day Fabric Fortune Cookie

For Valentine's day, i made this fabric fortune cookie for a friend who i love dearly.

i added batting in the middle of the cookie and sewed snaps and ribbon so when she opens it up, it's a round chair cushion! 

Easy Coasters

Made coasters for some friends. and the best part is that you can buy those iron on appliques and iron them on the coasters, easy as pie! 

Back Seat Cover For My Car

bought a new car, so I immediately made a back seat cover for my dog, since she loves rolling in poop lol. i also made a matching trash can, u can see it's hanging on the door

Kitchen Accessories {for my mom}

My parents bought a vacation home close to where I live, so I have been VERY excited to decorate it, work on it, and make things for it.  My mom is a great cook, so kitchen is very important. I decided I would make her a whole set of kitchen accessories for her new kitchen. 

Message Board with mail holders

Upcycled Corduroy Pants Overnight Bag.

I have not been updating my blog lately, reasons being i was too lazy to do it lol but since i got hooked on pinterest, i have been more inspired to do more sewing and creating. 

My latest creation is an overnight bag made with leftover fabric and corduroy jeans.

First, i cut both legs off of the jeans, cut them into rectangles, measured them and cut the leftover fabric the same size. 

i also cut out the back pockets of the jeans and sewed them onto the fabric in the front. sewed two loops on both sides for a strap.

Then sew the sides and bottom of both the fabric and the lining (the black jeans), using the boxed corner technique, made the boxed corners 8 inches wide. then sewed the zipper onto the fabric and lining. last, i sewed the waist band of the jeans onto the bag as handles.  

this whole project only took me about a few hours counting cutting out fabric.  

see the corduroy pants? lol

there u have it, a cheap overnight bag! the dimensions: W 34inches, H 18 inches, D 8 inches. 

you can also make it sturdy by including interfacing. make it fluffy by adding a layer of batting. 


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