Friday, September 21, 2012

Upcycled Denim Tablet Case

When my parents came to visit me in May, they gave me their ViewSonic tablet that my dad got as a retirement gift from his colleagues. But they didn't have a case for it, so i decided i would make a nice case to put this treasured piece in.

I am using some old jeans my hubby doesn't wear anymore, and it happened to be Calvin Klein, so it's even better hahaha 

I already had the jeans cut up before for another project, so i am using what's left

i cut the right side of the top of the jeans

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Upcycled Military Uniform Purse {Part 1}

For this project, I am using the left over pockets from the military pants that I torn apart.

the pair of military pants that i cute the legs out. leaving the upper part, and i cut out the two pockets

using another pair of cargo pants to make the sides

after sewing all the sides and bottom together

to make it less boring, i am sewing lace trim onto the bag

then using some more military fabric to make the bag's opening

This is another work in progress (yes yes yes, i know i have quite a few of WIPs, but i will finish them i swear! )

check back soon for updates :)

Upcycled Military Uniform Tote {Part 1}

To continue the recycling military shirt series, i am using the back of the shirt to make a tote bag.

using the rest of the shirt

cut out the military fabric, lining, and batting

first basted the edges, then sew the pocket (taken from another torn up cargo pants).  I wanted to make the tote a little bit more girlie, so i am adding a piece of lace trim to the tote

i am doing the boxed corner of 3 inches

OK, this is a work in progress, check back soon for updates! :)

Upcycle Military Uniform Cross Body Purse

Let's begin a series of Upcycling projects using a used military shirt.  First stop - a cross body purse.

My friend (the one who gave me her used uniforms) likes cross body purses, and i wanted to preserve all her military patches, so i decided to make a purse for her with all the patches.

The finished product

Let's see how I made it

the shirt before

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Upcycled Military Uniform Draw String Baggies

My previous post was about making makeup bags using the legs of a pair of military pants.  This post is about making simple baggies for misc items using the same pair of military pants.

It is the simplest project EVER!

Let's see how I made them

Upcycled Military Uniform Zipper Bags

To continue my quest to making things out of used military uniforms, I decided to make a few simple items that one can use everyday.  I like going on vacations, when I travel, I take my makeup and toiletries with me.   So I decided to make little bags to store my stuff in.

what you will need: used clothing, zipper, lining fabric, bias tape (or u can make your own)

The finished products

Let's see how i made them


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