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Howdy, I am Mandy

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, a city so vibrant and inspiring.  Growing up there has its advantages but also disadvantages. It is a norm to be just like everyone else with the media focusing on certain trends and lifestyles.  Every kid wants to go to a good school, get good grades, go to college, get a great job, make lots of money; however, I was never ambitious like the rest of them.  I didn't feel like I fit in.  So I decided to see the world to broaden my horizon.

Places I've Been
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From the age of 15, I have been to all over the world, and eventually went to college in the US and met the love of my life during a trip to France.  We dated for 7 years and married in 2008.  My life has been a roller coaster just like everyone else's and I was really lost for a while, not knowing what I really love, what I wanted to do, what my hobbies are.  Until I found sewing.

I first came across sewing from my neighbor who made costumes, from there, I got my first cheapie sewing machine and started making things following patterns.  Over time, I discovered the joy of making up my own designs and using used clothing, repurposing thrift store finds and now I am also embroidering.

This blog is basically a diary of my sewing, I am not a great writer or have very interesting topics to discuss, I simply hope to share my sewing experiences with others.   I learned how to sew less than 3 years ago so please bear with me as I am still a newbie with lots more to learn, more trial and errors, more discoveries.

I will try by best to post tutorials to what I made, leave me a comment or advice, ENJOY!

Meet my baby: BELLA


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    1. Thank you and she knows it too hahaha :)

  2. Mandy Tsang, is that you? I found you from somebody's blog. I saw some friends among your followers. Hope you still remember me from Stitchtalk. Great to visit your site! Will be going around your place.

    1. Oh my!!! Eve! of course i remember you! i miss those days at StitchTalk, but i dont think any of the old gang get on it anymore.... :(

  3. By the way, it's me--- Eve Sison. Garden Chef is my blogsite's name.

  4. Hi Mandy!
    I'm following you on FB and I have an award for you: plz come to visit me :)


    1. hi hi NENE! i will head over and check out my "surprise" :)

  5. Hi Mandy,

    Love your About Me Post :). You're kinda like me, do the opposite of everyone. I guess that's why I'm a rebel? LOL! Great meeting you and I look forward to reading more!!

    The Wondering Brain

    1. Hi Jessica, girl, you know that's the only way to be unique and to be truly who we are! now of course i am not gonna do breaking the law to be "different" lol but i sure am doing everything i can to improve myself, to be a better person but without compromising my uniqueness. ah... ok ok i have rambled on I will see you soon!

  6. Hello Mandy!

    bloghopping and loving your site!

    *waving like mad all the way from Singapore*

    1. HI Erda!!!!!!!

      So glad u stopped by!!!!

      Good to meet you! :)

  7. Looking forward to reading many more posts. Great looking dog. Thanks for linking up to the Whatever Wednesday Linky Party.

    Cherished Handmade Treasures

  8. Love your blog and so nice to meet you! Please come link up with me at NanaHood.com and please consider being a featured blogger! Would love for you to do a post like the one Bree from Australia did for me. Thanks! Teresa from NanaHood.com

  9. Have you joined Lets Get Social Sunday this morning??? If not, lotsa new friends and followers are waiting on you. See Ya There!

    @ My Turn for us

  10. I just found your blog and love it. I would like to follow by email however you have not enabled subscriptions by email. Would it be possible to enable this so I can follow you by email? Thank you

    1. Marlene,

      thank you for stopping by and telling me about my email subscription not working, i totally had no idea! so now i have enabled it, hopefully others can follow me by email!

      I will be updating my blog this week with some new projects and i hope to see you here soon!

  11. Liking your page, and showing your page some love with the Monday Madness. Check out my blog/subscribe:

  12. Thank you Mandy. I can now recive your blog via email. Love your blog.

  13. Greetings! I stopped by to show your blog some luv, through the weekend social mix blog hop. Please subscribe to my blog at http://thesingleparenttrials.blogspot.com/

  14. HI from another Mandy ( Amanda ). Love your upcycled bag. I just love Recycling or upcycling projects. I have my link on the party that this post was on (upcycling a fabric placemat into a teapot cosy! Will definitely stop by here again!


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