Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Upcycled Military Uniform Cross Body Bag

After making the first handbag using the cargo shorts and an old military shirt, I still had fabric leftover, so i decided to make another one.  

Here is the finished Bag

This time, since fabric was very limited, i used whatever leftover fabric i could gather from the cargo shorts and the military shirt to make the strap.  I actually used the collar of the military shirt to make one side of the strap, and used the cargo shorts to make the other side of the strap.

front of the bag, i only put pockets on the front, nothing at the back.  the opening/zipper area was made from the sleeves of the military shirt, so the buttons are actually functional (see picture #3)

lining was a very lightweight lining in brown with one pocket

this is how the bag actually looks after buttoning the sides of the bag

Upcycled Military Uniform Purse

After making a few items out of the old military uniforms, i still have quite a few of shirts and pants left, so I wanted to try my hands at making purses.  

i used a pair of my husband's Abercrombie and Fitch cargo shorts to make the opening of the bag.  Used the pockets on each side of the bag

Lining has one pocket from the military uniform

Using the buttons and button hole section of the military shirt to make the strap. Therefore, the strap can be shortened or lengthened to make the purse a cross body bag or a shoulder bag!

Long Strap

Short Strap

The A&F cargo shorts made into the bag opening with the recessed zipper.

Denim Purse

I found this very pretty denim fabric on sale one day, decided to make a cute handbag.


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