Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to mince garlic fast

There are so many tools out there to mince garlic, but i still do it the traditional way.  

Here is how:

1. cut the ends off

2.  Use a knife and smash it

3.  the skin can now be easily removed

4.  proceed to chop. voila

Tool Bags

I recently made another tool bag for a friend's birthday and it turned out WAY better than when i first made one for hubby.  lol i guess practice makes perfect. 

these were made about a year ago...they might look rigid but they aren't. 

this one was made last week.  

I have always had problems with zippers, but eventually i will get it just right. lol

Upcycled Military Uniform iPad Case

Made an Ipad case for a friend using old military uniform.

pocket with button closure

Front with button closure, with pocket

added rings to the sides so she could also use it as a purse

Upcycled Military Uniform Art Tools Mug Organizer

I used some fabric from a military uniform to make this organizer. Added velcro on the back, securing it together when slipped over a mug.

 pockets for pens, pencils, brushes....

Upcycled Denim Embroidered Coasters/Patches

Our 50 year old kitchen was being remodeled and during that time, i had grown to know and love my contractors, so i decided to make them a little something to thank them for their great company and work!

The finished coasters, aren't they just cute?! 

 Using some denim remnants from a pair of jeans for their names

 The other side is a fabric with Hong Kong on it (where i am from)

bias tape sewn on, done. 

Valentine's Day Gifts for the Hubby

For Valentine's Day, I decided to just make something instead of buying gifts for hubby.

I made a very simple cushion for hubby to use at work. i used a pillow case, stuffed pillow stuffing in it and made the cushion cover for it, adding the I "heart" U on the outside.

I also made a letter holder for his desk using left over crafts

the clothes pin can hold a picture or his business card

Scrap Fabric & Denim Gifts

I dug around and found some remnants and thought to myself  "uh... what can i make with these?" Well i came up with a few useful things to make for my friend.


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