Friday, March 4, 2011

One Shoulder Dress

I have made dresses before, but they were for Halloween, so this one is my first REAL dress that i have ever made by myself.   A single shoulder dress with a very pretty fabric that i picked up at Hancock's on a clearance rack!

I am using McCall's pattern M6118, Tunic A without the bow. Here is a link for the pattern info. 

The dress has two layers, one is a layer of dark red fabric, a fabric i used for my Renaniance Fair costume last year, and a flowy patterned fabric that i am sewing onto the front. 

Here I was cutting my red fabric with the pattern pinned.

After cutting all the red pieces, i cut the flowy one


Now onto the sewing part.  Here i was sewing the shoulder band, front and back together without using the interfacing (i didnt wanna use interfacing for this dress)

 Then I sewed the front and back of the tunic together at shoulder and sides with the flowy front.  I skipped the gathering part.  the pattern says to gather the upper edge, but i wanted to be only folded a few times instead of the gather.

After that, i pinned the shoulder band to the tunic without using interfacing, so here, i did not follow the pattern. i just winged it.

Here i am sewing it together.

This is how it looked, without the bottom hem or the armhole done

Then onto the armhole

Bottom hem

The finished dress

All the while, i was watching my favorite show FRIENDS

Update:  Since i have made that dress, i kept thinking how i didnt like the neckline, so i ripped it all apart and redid it.  Instead of having four layers , i cut that in half and sewed onto the garment with right sides together instead of what the pattern told me to do (sew that neck piece just as a bias tape onto the garment). this way, my neckline is smooth and hugs my body.

The final product

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