Saturday, April 13, 2013


Hello Friends, my humble little blog just passed the 10,000 views mark this week!

I appreciate ALL of you who visited and commented!

In honor of this occasion, I'd thought I should feature a few sites that referred the most traffic to my blog. 

According to my my Google Analytics, My Top 10 referral sites are:

  1. Blogger
    • It is rather simple why gives me the most views because either it brings me traffic by the "Next blog" or when readers find my blogger profile and click on my blog. 
  2. Google
    • This means ALOT of views came from Google Search. People search for a specific project or tutorial, and they found me! 
    • How do you get Google to display your site when someone searches for something you have? Either enter the search description in each post in Blogger or manually insert Meta Tags in your blog post to help search engines list your posts. 
    • It's all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to learn more about this: 
  3. Pinterest
    • I am blessed to have people pinning my posts on Pinterest, but you can also pin your own stuff to start Pin traffic. 
    • One very good way to increase the chance of someone repinning your posts is to join Pinterest link parties or any link parties. 
    • Getting your posts featured and most of the time the hosts will pin their features on their Pinterest and that will start some traffic! 
  4. Fabrics International
    • Fabrics International is a site with lots of information about fabrics and sewing related topics.
    • There is a Sewing Blogs Page listing blogs related to sewing and mine is one of them (how did they find my blog, I am not quite sure) 
  5. LinkWithin
    • This is the "You Might Also Like" box in every blog post displaying a few related post for readers to check out. 
    • It is much easier for people who enjoy your post to find something similar in your blog than to go through your blog archive! 
  6. Operation We Are Here
    • This is a website full of resources for the Military community, families, and supporters 
    • One of the resource categories is Military Crafts and Sewing and my Up-cycled Military Uniform projects are listed! 
  7. BurdaStyle
    • I am a member to this sewing community and have shared alot of my projects, but linking back to my blog, so readers can check out my tutorials. 
    • One big help in increasing your blog traffic is to join as many communities as you can and keep up with them, involve in forums, posting your projects and commenting on others' projects can really help you put your name out there! 
  8. SewManyWays
    • I have been joining link parties for about a month, and this blog's link parties bring me the most traffic!!! 
  9. DIY Crafty Projects
    • Please Note: the website is down right now (unknown reason) 
    • This is another blog that brings me quite a bit of traffic 
Number 10 is a really a list of sites that bring me approximately the same amount of traffic:
  1. Graphics Fairy
  2. In The Fun Lane
  3. Artissan Square - A sewing community 
  4. Skip To My Lou
  5. Craftsy 
  6. Facebook - my FB fan page isnt very active that's why it doesn't bring me much traffic 
  7. Sugar Bee Crafts
  8. Classy Clutter
  9. Cozy Little House
  10. Too Much Time on My Hands

The list goes on but I can't include them all or I will never sleep! LOL

Thank you again for your support!!!! 


  1. Congrats to you, Mandy! Glad to know you are also in Marsha's A Stitching Post. :)

    1. Thank you so much EVE!!! this is so exciting for me even though 10,000 views is a big number compared to other blogs, but this is a huge jump for me!


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