Sunday, May 5, 2013

Upcycled Denim Pocket Pouch

Do you have some old jeans lying round?  Or do you have some old jeans torn up so badly but the pockets are still good?  If so, maybe you can consider cutting out the pockets and making them into something cool.

I have a pair of my favorite jeans (and I really meant favorite because I wore that pair so much that it is just torn to pieces, nothing else is salvageable except for the back pockets) that I wanted to turn into something useful. I thought I could make the back pockets into a little pouch.  Then I thought I could embroider it and make a little pouch for my mom.

Let's see how I made it.

Prepare your material, one pocket piece and lining.  

1.  Embroider on the denim pocket (you can skip this step)
2.  Sew one side of zipper onto Denim pocket
3.  Sew the other side of zipper onto lining
4.  Sew lining and denim pocket together, side sides together
5.  Turn it inside out, you are done.  But if you want to add a strap, read on.

 6.  Put an eyelet on each upper corner, front and back
7.  Feed a strap through. You are done!

You can make a short strap to hang the pouch on or inside your purse.


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