Monday, May 27, 2013

20,000 Views Achievement

Not very long ago, I started blogging more seriously and linking my projects with lots of link parties, and that earned me more traffic and followers.  About 5 weeks ago, my little humble sewing blog hit the 10,000 views mark.  I was ecstatic!  Last week, my blog hit the 20,000 views mark! 

So in other words, I have gained 10,000 views in about one month! That's quite the achievement for me!  

So I THANK YOU!  YES, YOU who followed me, read my posts, commented on my projects, emailed me..etc I cannot thank you enough! 

Just like my first 10,000 views achievement post, I will be listing the top 10 referral sites that brought me the most traffic!

So read on to see if you are also on those sites and if not, what you are missing out on.

According to my my Google Analytics, My Top 10 referral sites are:

  1. Blogger
  2. Graphics Fairy
    • Readers from Graphics Fairy tend to enjoy my projects!!!!
    • So link up with their link parties! :)
  3. Pinterest
    • I am blessed to have people pinning my posts on Pinterest, but you can also pin your own stuff to start Pin traffic. 
    • One very good way to increase the chance of someone repinning your posts is to join Pinterest link parties or any link parties. 
    • Getting your posts featured and most of the time the hosts will pin their features on their Pinterest and that will start some traffic! 
    • I also started a Pinterest related blog series so that also generated alot of traffic for my blog.
  4. SewManyWays
    • I have been joining link parties for about a month, and this blog's link parties bring me alot traffic!!!  So link up! 
    • I have also participated regularly in their "Ask the World a Question" series. Helping others answer their questions and have my own questions answered, no matter the subject.  This is a great way to interact with the readers of other blogs and to bring them to your blog.
  5. Reddit
    • I am sure you have heard of Reddit.  It claims to be the Front Page of the Internet.  I joined this community to comment on others' questions.
    • I also submit my own links for others to see.  This has brought me quite a bit of traffic.
  6. BurdaStyle
    • I am a member to this sewing community and have shared alot of my projects, but linking back to my blog, so readers can check out my tutorials. 
    • One big help in increasing your blog traffic is to join as many communities as you can and keep up with them, involve in forums, posting your projects and commenting on others' projects can really help you put your name out there! 
  7. LinkWithin
    • This is the "You Might Also Like" box in every blog post displaying a few related post for readers to check out. 
    • It is much easier for people who enjoy your post to find something similar in your blog than to go through your blog archive! 
  8. Facebook
    • I have been more active on my Facebook fan page, and I regularly share what I have posted on my blog. 
  9. Le Blog Friendstitch
    • This is a French site that has numerous lists of craft blogs, sewing blogs, diy blogs that the author found interesting.  And I have just noticed this referral site a couple of weeks ago and it has brought me ALOT of traffic.  
    • Not sure how to actually contact them or follow them, I am looking into it. My French isn't as good as it used to be back when I took French in college LOL

Number 10 is a really a list of sites that bring me approximately the same amount of traffic:

    • This is another Pinterest-like site, you tell it what you like, it will bring you lots of websites tailored to your interests.
    • You can also submit your link, I have only started this a week ago, but it has brought me some traffic already, even though this has not brought me ALOT of traffic, but it is worth a mention

Thank you again for your support!!!! 

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